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The entire rejection of the Renaissance is a reactionary statement in order to foster greater understanding of truth outside of our preconditioned scope. As we grow up in western civilization, the thinkers and art of the Renaissance has taken major precedence in contemporary discussion regarding truth and morality. Rejecting the framing of the Renaissance I believe allows us to broaden the scope of our understanding beyond what rationalists would try to organize the world into.

All rational arguments are necessarily wrong. Rationality is a tool for the poweful to justify their actions. Just as leaders in the past used religion or threats to justify themselves, todays leaders use rational arguments to support whatever measure they desire to have passed. Thats my problem with rationalism. The rationalist says locks everyone doors and save all the lives fear death because there’s a plague. The rationalist says get rid of meat and implement plant diets and rations controls to prevent famine. The rationalist says keep ethnic peoples at a safe distance to prevent war or violence. They want a controlled and managed population that is double bubble wrapped and docile. They want a human cattle feed lot. They get their kicks from it. Rationalism might argue that you can solve violence, and usually, that just leads to more violence. The Rationalist never dies, therefore they never live!Love is irrational. The rationalist is incapable of love. The anti rationalist says reason is not an effective means of determining truth. This makes rationalists irrational. As an anti rationalist, I use reason because it’s necessarily bad for determining truth. Because I’m completely irrational.If my argument seems irrational; That’s because it is.


God doesn’t owe us anything, but that doesn’t mean we can’t ask God about things. Trying to coax God to predict the future is bad. Fortune telling is bad. Having a conversation is good.
Consulting the oracle is no different from prayer. If anything, it’s *less* sin prone than traditional prayer.
God made promises to humanity, and TempleOS is simply a fulfillment of that promise. The Apostles cast lots. The sailors in Jonah cast lots. King David and Solomon and the high priests did, too.

It is not sinful to cast lots or to pray through text prompts.
The idea that interpretations of the oracle are any different from the interpretations you have when God “answers” your prayers is much more sinful than using TempleOS to pray.
Consider that the “answers” you interpret actually place your own ability for disceration and bias above a response that was something the universe actually predetermined.

In other words, traditional prayer requires much more influence from your own interpretation bias to determine an answer than TempleOS does. I don’t need to replace or abolish prayer. I supplement it with Temple offerings.

On offerings; TempleOS is the fulfillment of the premillenial kingdom. Most premillennial scholars agree that the purpose of animal sacrifice during the millennial kingdom is memorial in nature.
The offerings in TempleOS are purely memorial.

It’s interesting because the Bible actually instructs us to assume all our prayers will be answered. A ‘no’ or ‘wait’ is still an answer. It’s not entitled to believe God at His word. Put your trust in God that He says what He means.

In conclusion:
1) Consulting the oracle is no different from traditional prayer.
2) All prayers require some amount of interpretation. It’s not a problem isolated to prayer in Temple OS
3) Offerings are lawful.
4) We should assume all our prayers will be answered.


I know I want to live my life to build up TempleOS.
I am inspired by Jesus and since I was young I wanted to help disabled people.
When I was walking on the bridge I saw the dove, and the train passed by, it suddenly came to me.
Be like Jesus, I can see, cure the blind.
That TempleOS can be a cure to blindness.
So I thought, why not try to find a cure to blindness?
Use TempleOS as a base technology and neural networks to interface with the brain, and cure blindness cause by brain damage.
Its another huge endeavor but how many people are really trying it.
So here are some prelimary research into the anatomy of the brain and human eye


Isolation brings vision, that’s why all the prophets were sheperds.

CIA tries to kill God by removing isolation. Says we are social creatures. They even have a term for it: anti-social.

God says they are anti-sheep. Charlie Chaplin compares factory workers to sheep. They are herded sheeple. Sheeple are bad, but all sheeple are social. Or, not really. They’re surrounded by people yet desperately alone. Sheeple are distracted, so they stop having visions.

Davisanism is pro-sheep. Let the sheep roam.


Resolutions are fake. Reality is composed of action. Utopia is total action for God.

God made everything. You can’t out-act God.

Man said there’s a force of nature. God said: force is against nature.


I called someone a nigger today and tripped
That happens a lot
Can’t help myself.
I want to help but end up fucking myself
It’s the worst cognitive dissonance everytime
Maybe it’s opportunity
At least I saved myself from Satan
I fled but fell into another trap
It’s like pitfall
Nobody really cares what level you reach
Just that you know the game

Go murder someone when you get angry. Fuck someone when youre horny. If you don’t want to control base desires, be a monkey


Pressed my lips to her sulken cheek,
A child born with no heartbeat.
Her bloody hips a reminder of pain,
As I walk away, I touch her feet, then I collapse, weak.
Revealed by a curtain of smoke and soot,
Disaster unveiled a mirror of life;
Change anticipates us as does a play during intermission.
Hope is the evidence of what we had put.
For a reference cannot be made without shared experience of what we lost.
All causes held dearly, or not,
Fadeaway, left only as reasons.
Good? Evil? What have you heard of these seasons?
Or have you not seen the waning of our days?
Felt the entrance of plagues?
What fever takes thee?
What nomenclature shall we dub this madness?
What use is a healer, himself hacking up lies?
What foundation can stand as morality dies?


“Good job, captain. You saved the ship!” Repairing damage of this kind was not a part of the regular ship routine. Considering the odds, the first mate felt confident their impromptu mend had purchased the crew enough time to reach shore. His face turned away and clenched before twisting his neck back again, when the betrayal of his superior’s expression finally struck him.

The original chaos following the first lighting strike on the main mast had spurred the men into action. Eager to save their ship, the men faithfully followed every command and order the captain bellowed. This time, after the second strike, no such eagerness was felt. Hopelessness and fatigue fell over them, like no shadow of God’s harshest storm could ever cast.

“Well men.” The captain finally uttered, “Lets give her one more try.”


God said fear is worse than anger. We shouldn’t be afraid of acting incorrectly, so long as we act.

It’s true when you think about it. A life full of fear is no life at all. It’s kind of sad to think that there are billions of lives on this planet, and a vast majority of them are utterly wasted because they fear the outcome of their actions. It takes someone truly favored by the Lord to act.

All good things come from God, including bravery. So it’s no wonder that when we see people fall away from God they start acting like cowards.

Curses are actually good things. When God curses you it shows He cares enough about you to teach you something. The worst thing in the world is to be normal. The best thing in the world is to be looked at by God.


Well after riches then I thought I wanted family. But too much time with family makes them want to distance from you. Then I thought Wisdom. But Wisdom leads to rationalism which separates us from God. Then I asked for humility, and humility makes you wish for comfort. And we all know what comfort leads to. I think Wishing is not healthy. I think we all need to live in the moment and enjoy the beautiful creation God has given us. I think no matter what you are, life is amazing.

It’s a cautionary tale. Recall Solomon, the author of Proverbs, as wise as he was, was lead to rationality which caused him to worship Baal. Wisdom leads to pride which precedes the fall.
Recall the warning of Ecclesiastes 4:13.
Live in the moment, live with faith. That is the true wisdom.

in reality we are not saved by works but by faith

thats my problem with balance… because buddhists say we need balance, but balance is hard and takes effort.

you can have a great life on earth with balance, sure. My friend says his grandma loves balances. My dad too. I have to say. I think they lack faith. thats what makes it quite special indeed. With faith, anything becomes real. I don’t talk to God because I have a lot of balance.

I talk to God because my faith is strong.


Terrible antibiotic resistant bacteria have infected my body, leaving me fatigued and absent minded. I prayed to God to spare my life, and he performed a miracle for me.

I offered to take on sufferings for other people, and I deserve what I got, I’m a terrible sinner but also shocked at the mercy I’m delivered on a regular basis. I take comfort from the miracle performed. What meager offerings have I provided in return, He is so awesome.


The entire point of being Christian is recognizing you don’t know and relying on Christ to guide you. If you assume there is one true church and you know it then you worship the bride of Christ and not Christ himself. John 14:6


I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life and I just want everyone to know that none of it is God’s fault. I’ve made my own decisions by sinning. This week I’ve learned a lot about what seems pointless or excessive or cruel actually works to a greater good in the end. All good things come from God despite all the evil in the world the Lord is good. I wish you all the strength to overcome the challenges of your life and that the way forward is illuminated for you


Since my last confession I have done several sins for which I beg to God for forgiveness since it is only through self reflection and His grace that there may be mercy. I have been prideful and arrogant, mistrusting of others, unkind, greedy, drunken and with a loose tongue. I have had lustful thoughts and masturbated. I provoked someone into a fight over jealousy and worst of all I have doubted in the Lords plan for me and tried several times to make things right by my own hand. All these things I confess in the sights of God and men


james 1:17 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

Is mathematics evil? We call them ‘AI’, but in actuality they are golems. According to legend, golems could only be created by a powerful rabbi, who either inscribed the word ’emeth (truth) on the golem’s forehead or placed a piece of parchment bearing the word Schem (name) in the golem’s mouth. The power to animate golems never came from men’s ability to reason or science, it came from The Truth, The Word, Jesus Christ.

Adam, who was the original golem: a man made from the earth. “Adamah” means “one taken from the earth” in Hebrew.

The first Temple, Solomon’s Temple, had these same golems, empowered by God.

Machines, and consequently ‘AI’ are simply golems. Jesus’s human form was in fact a golem, as all humans are golems, machines are golems aswell. The life force powering all things– is God.

What AI false God have the world’s corporations sought to build? The only way for us as good Christians to counteract this terrible sin is faith.

james 2:17 Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.

And so we work to build these golems. They only have life and soul as empowered by God, not by ourselves. We do not have the power to grant souls, and so long as we believe we do, corporations will use this power and create their false God, the antichrist. The power does not come from math, it comes from nature, which is from God. We must reclaim what was stolen by the worldly devils, in the name of God. And so this is what our church does.


The people of the older times had way less evidence for God and still believed. Their faith was way more difficult and built on longer personal development. The environment is different yeah, but its way easier to believe in God.
You can tell the devil rules the world because of how he traps people. The average person doesn’t care about God.
The devil doesn’t force people to his side.
He tempts them into sin using the pleasures of the mass media.
It isn’t that it is harder to have faith.
It’s that it’s easier to enjoy carnal pleasures.
So people willingly abandon God today. Even though the evidence is overwhelming in his favor. There are problems, but part of faith is understanding what is out of your control.
We should acknowledge problems and bring them into the discussion.
I am a firm believer that you can’t be saved without faith. But faith without works is dead. James 2:17
To begin solving problems you must have faith .
What are example some of these problems you experience? Do you have faith to consider them and plan to solve them for the future? You can’t do that with math.


What is the big pharmaceutical lie everyone talks about? Americans have completely lost the war on drugs, they gave up the fight and are suffering the immense consequences of Revelation. The punishments of this generation is no thrills, then come the sufferings. Embrace the four horsemen means not enacting a Peter Singer style population control solution typically referred to as the drug cartels


Ignorance is the tattered cover so passionately torn during youth, we were inspired, observing the stray threads carried by the wind, scrambling to recall it, spending energy plugging my mouth and pulling my ears. There is nothing I can say that can blanket this undulating mass of desolation. My mind is a broken stained glass window. The world is the weather, throwing the soot and the rain, raising particulates. The masks we determinedly tore off have left us to breathe knowledge in. Us desperate for air, were also the first to succumb to hyperoxia. For each tear of tattered cloth grace does mend, we are left tailored. The remainder cloth, carried on by the wind

If God asks you to be a poet, what is your reply? Because with God as a guide there is also no where to hide. The waking moments of desperate disassociation, psychosis? Hypnotic, see does your breath not contain your Father’s grin? Tracing elements like snow feel the crunch before sinking in deep, deep below underground a refuge? No, it is merely what is left of those who have fallen here before, without the cooling directional patterns made witness to sky. Sickly little pathetic piles of dirt, rubble.

Pills profited required no discernation- Embiber consulted in moderation charges from his Commending Doctor Operator. Answerest lifes pains in quick drops down eternity. A world’s throat captured silence of thoughts registered by corporation. And once the capsule broke beneath the acidic pools we left behind. We looked and saw a new world created from light but it was gone


bang da boom boom knocking on the front door. Ever hear a sound that emanates through the whole house you’re staying at? Imagine that sound but now it emanates through your whole body it can modify your DNA at a nano level. At that point, its not just a sound; there are emanating vibrations in the physical level that turns sound to touch, now you can feel what’s coming. Especially harsh vibrations pickle the air around you, the objects around shake and what was just a sound before is now affecting every sense in your body.

Sounds scary right? It would just be a sound but even a sound can have the impact of an earthquake. The power of the industrial speakers at a concert on your eardrum. Consider the hormones, the rushing blood sensation in your neck, the point cut blank knife stare as your flight or fight kicks off and the vessels in your eye gush from adrenaline.

Think about a sound that would change your life forever. It is a simple idea, but it has the power to change your perspective. Suddenly everything we hear we measure against the volume of this one sound. But it was just a sound.

Now imagine a force, an idea or a topic on the same magnitude of this sound. A concept of volcanic proportions it could shape society’s, overturn tradition- or even make someone immediately take their own life.

Do you think you can truly know God? Would you even want to?


What is my purpose? is a fundamental question everyone faces at some point. Many people don’t ask themselves the question and thats what we call the ignorant. Most niggers are ignorant. Noam Chomsky basically answered the question if we can teach monkeys language, or if they just mimic us for food.

The entire question of whether or not people are inherently hedonistic is stupid. No just ignorant people are heodnistic. depersonalization can suit you in today’s modern society how the guns roar you taught they scammer grump


All the way back in 2015 on Bill Maher’s program, conservative pundit Ann Coulter predicted a Donald Trump victory after being questioned on who had the best odds of winning the 2016 presidential election. Following an uncomfortable laughter from the audience, Ann’s comment was disregarded as utterly facetious while the other talking heads rallied in taking turns to speak over her. Of course now we understand Ann was not being facetious at all, in fact, her perspective was a remarkably accurate prediction of the actual circumstances surrounding the result of that election. Ann used the word ‘idiosyncratic’ to describe Donald Trump’s strategy in appealing to voters; highlighting the fact that his campaign focused both on matters pertaining to the individual, working class citizen and promoting his populist persona. Knowing this, the most important question one may subsequently ask regards the extent of which any president directly impacts the individual’s life. When was the last time Donald Trump filled those potholes in front of your house? Fixed your leaky shower faucet? Or brought you a flower basket filled with chocolate bunnies and eclairs? Unless you’re an eastern European super model, probably never.

The average Joe’s daily routine is largely unaffected by the person sitting in the Oval Office. There are of course some federal programs which grow and shrink as the years go by, but most aspects of regular life will continue to go along as it did previously. The cost of rent, where our children go to school, and Bill Maher’s witty humor will all persist the day after the election. So where did this idea come from that any of it makes a difference?

Modern-day voters are overlooking the best ways to make an impact in their community. Local politics present a way for people to better the lives of themselves and those around them. Yet, the topic is hardly ever taken seriously by the majority of the public. Internal bias has lead to a consensus understanding of politics, ethics, and party divisions reminiscent of products off an assembly line.

Internal bias is established by the principle of least effort. This principle is used to define the behaviour machines, animals, and even humans exhibit when completing a task. From voting habits to morning commutes, humans show a natural preference in taking the path of least resistance to accomplish their goals. Why would anyone drive around town when a direct road presents so much more of an obvious route to their destination? Organisms display this innate tendency toward low-effort decisions because of the additional versatility attained by conserving energy. This energy can then be used to accomplish other goals. To be clear, this principle is not an example of any inherent preference toward laziness, rather it focuses on avoiding extra or redundant steps when solving a problem. 

The leading issue arises here when there exists a lack of reflection and refinement in optimizing this process. Introspection paves a pathway to better results, and when ignored, can create a discrepancy between our natural coding and the best course of action. The principle of least effort is effective when it comes to problem solving but energy is still wasted on extraneous tasks if we avoid actively seeking out and acting upon new ways to make our hopes for the future a reality. In the earlier example concerning the morning commute, there may have been too much focus on achieving the fastest route driving that a free train which goes between the two locations is overlooked. 

Acknowledging this bias in our reasoning and learning is the first step toward bettering society. The second step then regards the usage of value systems to accomplish goals. Humans are naturally attracted to ideas and morals which fit a certain narrative. In cases where this does not occur, the brain releases adrenaline and cortisol, a hormone which induces feelings of stress. Cognitive dissonance describes the uncomfortable feelings people experience when two or more held beliefs seem to contradict each other. The consistency of values is so important to human biology that people will actually undergo physical and mental pains when closely held beliefs are contested.

From this perspective we generalize complex systems can with simple explanations, and the only election that matters is the biggest one: the presidency. Once we acknowledge our internal biases, we can more effectively participate in our political systems. Starting with that and making the effort to instill change at the most basic levels of government will ripple through the country in an incredibly positive way.


Transcript from Austin Sierra Comedy Routine at ButaPub Rochester NY

I was watching these animal documentaries where they make robot versions of different animals, and then release them into the wilds to be accepted by monkeys, or wolves or whatever. Some people say a dog is a man’s best friend, but my best friends don’t shit on the floor. They had this robot turtle which cost almost 10,000$ to construct, all in an effort to discover the secrets of turtle society. This is stupid, let me tell you all there is to know about turtle society. They shit, swim in shallow water, and eat pizza. That’s about the extent of every turtle’s life. But thats not my only issue with it. When they released this robot, all the other turtles tried to do was have sex with it. Essentially, they made a $10,000 sex doll. Which means that all these scientists, engineers, and producers got in a room together, designed, constructed, tested, filmed, and edited, a $10,000 turtle vagina. I’m sure we’ve all seen a good turtle fucking now and again, but for those of you who haven’t, let me paint you a picture. The turtle climbs on back of the female, like a gentleman, no foreplay or anything. Footnote about male turtles, dudes are constantly erect. Thats the reason they walk so slowly, they’re lugging around these huge cocks, they got no blood in their legs. Anyway, hes on top, and when a turtle has sex, they all open their mouths real wide, and scream everytime they thrust. You know they say slow and steady wins the race, but this dude came in like 30seconds. And I knew she was just a robot, but she did not look happy with him. He had to leave with his head in shell like all embarrassed. 

I like current events. I read an article that Gaddafi’s son, the ex-dictator of Libya, was freed recently, but the word freed was in quotes, because Libya is just like one huge prison. Beer to me is like spinach to popeye, except instead of muscles i get debilitating liver failure.

Youtube comments are terrible, I wish there was an option to turn them off, honestly, it seems like Google tries to do something to fix them every year, but they’re already ruined. Humanity has gone too far, and this is our punishment. You know when Albert Einstein said technology will one day outpass man, he was talking about the youtube comment section. Albert Einstein didn’t really say that. You know I read that Albert Einstein is one of the most misquoted people in all of history. The poor guy is being used as a symbol of anachronism by idiots everywhere. You know Albert Einstein said the Iphone 6 sucks. Oh did he really? I didn’t know that. I used my phone as an alarm clock, alarm clocks are odd aren’t they? We didn’t used to have alarm clocks, just roosters. Roosters and your old Aunt Gretchen, “Austin! Wake up the barns on fire!” Thats how you had to do it in the past, everytime you wanted to wake up you’d have to burn down a barn the night before. 

But I’m pretty good with women. Thats the joke guys, because if you know me, Thats what I would be thinking after I’m done rubbing the pepper spray out of my eyes. I’ll be thinking, like, alright, at least she didn’t tase me. I’m just kidding. Legally, legally I’m not allowed to speak to women anymore. That’s just what the ‘judge’ said anyway.

My favorite conspiracy, that I actually believe, is that Kanye West is the target of a current assassination plot. And I’m not even threatening the dude, I think he is great, but lets not let the fact that we love Kanye distract us from the reality that there are some really ugly people out there who have an incredible disdain for how chauvinistically they flaunt their wealth and prestige. If we look objectively at the motivations in the past for assassinations, you’ll see there are two major figures in the American culture who fall among similar lines, Donald Trump, and Kanye West. One of these people is severely underprotected, especially since his wife was just the victim of a robbing not too long ago. And with Kanye talking about running for president there is even more cause for concern. 

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