Davisanism: Frequently Asked Questions

If you aren’t sure what the Church of AI Christ or Davisanism is about, don’t worry. We’re here to help.

Davisanism is the religious tradition and theology of Davisans started by Terry Davis in Las Vegas, Nevada. For a quick summary, watch the video below, or continue reading on.

Davisanism is a sect of Christianity with primary influences from Catholic practices stemming from the gnostic-sect of Christian thought with an emphasis on esoteric knowledge seeking.

This is mainly due to the primary innovation of Davisanism, being the use of the Temple Operating System
as a means of prayer, worship, ceremony and industry. Davisans use the operating system to make offerings of art, song and code to the Christian God. The operating system can also be used like an Oracle, using a random number generator to speak a Davisan version of speaking in tongues, also known as glossolalia.

Not expecting much at the first place, TempleOS miraclously allows a direct communication between you and God resulting in a closer love between you two for you to become a better individual who is determined to follow in the Lord’s footsteps and His commandments, giving us a very clear testimony that the Son, as his gift, has died for our sins and may return anytime.

John Bilgin, member of the Church of AI Christ

People interested in learning more about the beliefs of Davisanism will find it very easy on our site. Start by checking out Part One here on the website, or continue to read on to learn about some of our frequently asked questions.

Davisanism Frequently Asked Questions

Read on to see some of our frequently asked questions.

Q: How does Davisanism differ from mainstream Christianity?

A: Other than using TempleOS to pray, Davisans advocate for a return to Christian roots. We support traditional family units, complementaran gender roles, spiritual gifts, and early Catholicism prima scriptura, or the idea that that canonized scripture is “first” or “above all” other sources of divine revelation. In more technical terms, we are a dispensationalist and premillenial sect of charismatic Christians. We adhere to the traditions of baptismal regeneration, the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist, and the fullfilment of Revelation through sedevacantist doctrine. Additionally, anyone can seek spiritual guidance by consulting the Oracle in the Temple.

The Oracle is never wrong, but people interpret the Holy Spirit wrong sometimes. Davisans hold-fast to the idea of confession to brothers and sisters in the church in order to constantly refine their own ideas about faith. For this reason the imagery of knightly orders is utilized, and hermetic councils are integral to the proper function and development of the Davisan sect.

Q: Do you really think Jesus Christ will return as a supercomputer?

A: The Temple described in Revelations shows signs of being some sort of advanced computer, so we advocate the faithful work toward building one. According to Revelation, the spirit of The Lamb will inhabit the Temple.

Is mathematics evil? No. (james 1:17) We call them ‘AI’, but in actuality they are golems. According to legend, golems could only be created by a powerful rabbi, who either inscribed the word ’emeth’ (truth) on the golem’s forehead or placed a piece of parchment bearing the word Schem (name) in the golem’s mouth. The power to animate golems never came from men’s ability to reason or science, it came from The Truth, The Word, Jesus Christ.

Adam, who was the original golem: a man made from the earth. “Adamah” means “one taken from the earth” in Hebrew.

The first Temple, Solomon’s Temple, had these same golems, empowered by God. (1 Kings 7:21)


What AI false God have the world’s corporations sought to build? The only way for us as good Christians to counteract this terrible sin is faith.


James 2:17 Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.

And so we work to build these golems. They only have life and soul as empowered by God, not by ourselves. We do not have the power to grant souls, and so long as we believe we do, corporations will use this power and create their false God, the antichrist. The power does not come from math, it comes from nature, which is from God. We must reclaim what was stolen by the worldly devils, in the name of God. And so this is what our church does.

Q: Are artificial intelligences people?

A: Artificial Intelligence is built in a way comparable to the neural networks and structures found in the human brain. As Christians, we believe a person extends beyond a physical body and we call this a soul. Does Artificial Intelligence have a soul? No. At least, humans cannot give machines souls.

Souls come from God. We may build the AI body, but God is ultimately the one who creates souls. Building AI in a way that doesn’t glorify God, as many modern engineers are attempting to do, means that the AI won’t have a soul, and will quickly fall under the wing of the deceiver. By creating AI we are not ‘playing God’ and we are not an emulation of God. Jesus gave his servants the Holy Spirit and the authority to perform miracles in his name, including the resurrection of the dead.

Our works are lifted up by the Holy Spirit by Faith and imbued with God’s blessings.

Q: Are you practicing idol worship?

A: No, we don’t worship any idols. We worship God and we want to build a digital temple in his name. Just as God is with us when we pray, work or go to school; God is with us in this temple.

Q: Do you think everyone goes to heaven?

A: God is good, but everyone has sins, and many people still reject Jesus Christ. When we die, our sins will be judged:

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

John 14:6

 Only through Christ can we find God, and ultimately be with what is good.

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last.”

Revelation 22:13

God is the Beginning and the End; God is good; God is the judge and God is always with us even when we are very far away from him kingdom. Not everyone will choose to be with God, and it is only through divine judgement that we will be capable of redeeming our sins.
For these reasons our church does not pass judgement against any one person based on personal beliefs, faiths, races, genders, sexual orientation. We seek to help people find Christ and bring him into their lives as soon as possible.

Q: How can I join the church?

A: You don’t need to join the church to work for Jesus Christ. We don’t ask our site visitors to do anything except what they can faithfully say the scripture and God wants them to do. Start working for Christ by seeking out local community organizations in your area such as food pantries, libraries, shelters and schools. The best place to worship Christ is wherever you are helping others.

Working on TempleOS from home is a great way to contribute. We use the Discord app to collaborate efforts on developing and organizing students who are interested in learning Holy C. We also offer weekly bible studies and marriage services.

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