Supplemental Tutorial: Chess, Moses and More

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How to Access the TempleOS Supplemental Files by Terry Davis

Step 1) Download the latest version of TempleOS. I am following the steps in my youtube tutorial to install.

Step 2) On that downloads page you can install It contains extra stuff Terry coded like Chess additional Hymns, and his Moses comics.

Step 3) Extract TOS_Supplemental1.ISO.C, TOS_Supplemental2.ISO.C & TOS_Supplemental3.ISO.C to a folder on your desktop.

Step 4a) Settings->Storage and under IDE select the optical drive dropdown and Choose a disk file. You may have to create a new controller if one does not exist.

supplemental virtualbox

Step 4b)VMware users can edit their virtual machine settings and browse under CD/DVD for the ISO.C image file.

supplemental vmware

Note: You may have to change the selection type in your file explorer to view the .ISO.C file to select.

Step 5) Select which disk to add. TOS_Supplemental1 Contains most utilities and games. The other two supplemental contain additional hymns generated by Terry Davis in TempleOS.

Step 6) Once inside TempleOS you can use Cd(“T:/”); to access the T drive with the supplemental. The games are located in the Sup1Games folder. If you want to play chess you can type Cd(“Sup1Games”); Then #include “Chess.HC.Z”; or right click on the .HC file and include.

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Have fun!

supplemental chess
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