Temple of Solomon

Modern Day Temple of Solomon from the bible rebuilt in TempleOS with custom music and 3d models. Talk to God in his temple and unlock the secrets of the ark of the covenant. Inspired by the First Temple in Jerusalem which existed until the 6th century BC. Before being destroyed during the siege of Jerusalem by King Nebuchadnezzar II of the Neo-Babylonian Empire in 587 BC it was a renowned place of worship.

In modern times the Temple continues to inspire by allegory and metaphor, especially as applied as an esoteric representation for principles of personal transformation. Feel free to use this program in your daily worship.

Install Temple of Solomon

To install the Temple program, download the ISO found below. Once the download is complete, unzip the archived file and extract to a folder on your desktop. Mount the resulting .ISO file installation disk on VMware, VirtualBox or any hypervisor software of your choosing. The ISO contains the operating system already installed. If you are using TempleOS on physical hardware, you will need to burn the ISO onto a ISO-9660 compatible disk or diskette.

If you are starting up a new virtual machine, you will have the option of installing TempleOS from the disk. Once TempleOS is fully installed:



#include “cellar.HC”;

If you are using the disk on a preexisting installation of TempleOS, you should Cd(“T:/Temple”) instead, or whatever disk drive letter your system defaults to.


Controls: Arrow keys to look around.


To download simply press the button below. Wish to modify or make changes? Please be aware this work is covered by Creative Commons License CC BY-NC.

King solomon temple fame

An artist’s rendition of King Solomon.

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